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Enjoy the complexities of unique craft beers

Explore the amazing variety of flavors, complexities, and experiences of craft beer with our tremendous selection of brews from around the world.

•Allagash Curieux

Bourbon Barrel Aged Tripel - triple-brewed ale with a woody, chestnut flavor imparted by the bourbon barrel aging process. A beer designed for sipping rather than gulping.  Ideal for pairing with savory foods such as roast chicken.


•Gordon Biersch IPB-Imperial Pilsner Brau

Imperial Pilsner - a lighter beer with a high ABV and strong hoppy flavor. Designed for accessibility, particularly for those who are just getting started with craft beers.


•Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere

Saison/Farmhouse Ale - artisian beer with rotating availability based on small batches. This beer is highly carbonated with a blond profile that is rare for a pumpkin beer. The low ABV and highly aromatic qualities make it easy to drink and enjoyable for a wide range of palates.


•Old Foghorn Ale

English Barleywine - very thick beer that is ideal for a beer drinker who wants to age his beers. The flavor profile is rounded and fruity with a high alcohol content that makes this a beer you enjoy on its own for a gradual, sipping experience.



Belgian Pale Ale -  a heavily carbonated beer with a thick white foam. The flavor has sour, malty notes with banana and clove touches that create an intense "funk" that is pleasing to experienced beer drinkers.


•Saison Dupont

Saison/Farmhouse Ale - a year-round Saison with a spicy, dry, and moderately bitter flavor profile. A hint of sweetness in the back of the swallow and fruity undertones make it fairly accessible for newer craft beer drinkers.


•Schneider Weisse Original

Bavarian Hefeweizen - a pleasantly fruity, full-bodied beer with cloves and nutmeg in the aroma. A fresh swallow with a lightly bitter after taste creates a rounded experience that is easily  drinkable throughout the year.


•Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

American Pale Ale - a very hoppy beer with a medium body and lighter flavor that make it an ideal choice for longer sessions. This style tends to be more bitter than others, but this option remains accessible, particularly for those who want an introduction into the pale ale style.


•Three Floyds Dark Lord

Russian Imperial Stout- a very dark, heavy beer with strong coffee flavor and sweet spiciness. The rich, welcoming smell and hints of cherry and raisin with an underlying bitterness make this beer ideal for sharing with groups and sipping over longer periods.


•Uinta Detour Double IPA

American Double/Imperial India Pale Ale - a very hoppy beer, as is usually the case with double IPAs. Intense citrus notes make it a refreshing, easy to drink option, though the high ABV makes it a choice that should be handled carefully.

Experience the extraordinary

While there are many beers that can be found all year long, some of the best are only found during certain seasons. Indeed, many beer fanatics wait all year for their favorite seasonal beer to arrive. Oktoberfest celebrations are their own cultural bonanza of food, music, and the crown jewel, the Oktoberfest beer.


From citrusy ales in the summer to pumpkin heavy lagers in the fall, seasonal beers are often the official kick off to a beer lover's seasons. White ales and hop-infused pale ales help snap the cold in winter and light citrus beers are great for summer cook-outs and baseball games.


As the summer ends and fall begins, Oktoberfests and pumpkin ales make a celebrated arrival and kick off a beer holiday season. As winter arrives, so do heavier bocks and Christmas ales.


Visit us throughout the year to see what kinds of delectable treats await their brief moment on the shelves.

Explore unique flavors throughout the year

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